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Architecture and Structural Design

Design team has comprehensive technical knowledge and expertise in various building types including commercial, office buildings, residential, hospitality, cultural, educational, health institutions and Landscaping. Weave is commissioned to manage from conceptual to commissioning all phases of the design engineering on behalf of the client.

Design Engineering Phases are:

  • Concept design – equivalent to 30% design by classical definition.
  • Preliminary design (60% design)
  • Detailed design (90% design)
  • Construction drawings (100% design)

Scope of Design Engineering, Weave is typically responsible for:

  • Identifying client’s key property needs and translating these into a detailed description of the property asset.
  • Co-coordinating numerous inputs both internally from the client and externally from specialists and system vendors and translating those into a buildable design.
  • Managing the design processes
  • Managing the design documentation
  • Coordination with local authorities to ensure that design is compliant with the local law.
  • Providing design support during construction phase to ensure compliance with design.